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Stacey Ransom

Sentinel 5

Sentinel 5

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Inspired by Chthulu and the other Denizens of the Deep, this beasty will watch over any home in need of an otherworldly sentry. Though their kind is typically bent on world domination, these wee tadpoles will remain loyal to you. Probably.

Average size:  7” tall

Denizens of the Deep
This wall-hanging Denizen has been handcrafted and is a unique one-of-a-kind sculpture. It was made with a sea urchin shell that was filled with paper clay to make it solid and less fragile. The tentacles and dimensional patterns were made with epoxy clay and wire. The eyes are digital prints sealed behind glass. They are painted in acrylic and sealed with an archival water-based polyurethane varnish.

Since 2014, 95% of the magnificent kelp forests have vanished along the entire Pacific Coast of North America. Warming water has caused a massive die-off of sunflower starfish and an exodus of sea otters; both the urchin's natural predators. In their absence, the population of sea urchins has exploded and they have destroyed thousands of acres of forests in less than a decade. Marine biologists and scientists are tirelessly researching many solutions to mitigate the damage. Like all climate research, their efforts are woefully underfunded.

The artist profits for the sale of the Denizens will go towards Kelp Forest preservation and research.

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