Collection: Love, Death

Debuted October 2021 at Modern Eden in San Francisco.

In the deep, inky black sea, obscured from the eyes of the waking world, lie antiquities from a forgotten time. The ideology of these ancients inspired poems, tomes, and sumptuous works of art, including statuary crafted to celebrated the delicate marriage of sensual pleasure and the dark kiss of death. These hedonistic artifacts capture humanities purest pursuit; the bliss state found in erotic intimacy with another (and oneself). Lifted from the depths, our relics celebrate the fleeting ecstasy found at the convergence of sexual delight and the shadowy reaches of mortality. They pay tribute to the elusive state of ultimate nirvana and the apex moment in the arousing dance of orgasmic mortality.

This series is our homage to those willing to explore the depths within themselves in search of the purest happiness. This is our own personal exploration. It is our billet-doux, signed with care ~ Love, Death